INCORPORATED April 14, 1903
Mount Eden Cemetery Rd, Mount Eden, KY 40046


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The Mount Moriah Baptist Church was organized in 1819. The church's first building, was located at the Mount Moriah Cemetery site, one mile east of Mt. Eden on Mt Eden Cemetery Road.

In 1880 the church was torn down and a new church was built in Mt. Eden. The cemetery was incorporated April 14, 1903 as the Mount Moriah Cemetery Co.

The present Mount Moriah Baptist Church building was built in 1924. The parsonage was built in 1953.

The Church has been maintaining the cemetery off and on since it was organized.


Original Mount Moriah Baptist Church


Excerpt from the Martha Collins Sparrow, History of Mt Eden, Transcribed below.

Mt. Eden has three houses of worship, the Baptist, Christian and Pentecostal. The Baptists are the oldest congregation and were long the largest. Their original location was originally east of town on property donated by Jake Hedden. The church was named Mt. Moriah and its surrounding graveyard is now Mt. Moriah Cemetery. The church was later moved to the main street of the town on property donated by Peter Snider. That building stood as a landmark of the town until the early 1920's when it was replaced by a more modern but far less charming structure. A few old timers yet remember the old pink brick building with its attractive spired vestibule tower and bell in front, its double door side entrance and its pointed gothic windows with affection.

Second Mt Moriah Baptist Church built 1880

2nd Mt Moriah Baptist Church New construction before pink brick.

2nd Mt Moriah Baptist Church Completed

2nd Mt Moriah Baptist Church other side

Third Mt Moriah Baptist Church built 1924

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